$150/m in your pocket.
For just $10/m.

On average Prosaic finds users ~$150 of GST and Income Tax credits every month*. That's a 15X return on investment. Your accountant might even include it in their fee (ask us how).

No credit card required
Tax deductible
Cancel Anytime

Small Business & Sole Traders

Automatic Bank Feeds
AI Powered Expense Detection
Sync to Xero (coming soon)
Sync to HNRY (beta)


/ per month
Unlimited Bank Accounts
Last FY Bank History (one-time sync+)
Find, edit and claim expenses
Export to Xero Bills CSV
Sync expenses to HNRY
Share with Accountant

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Automatic Bank Feeds
AI Powered Expense Detection
Sync to Xero (beta)
Invite & Manage Clients


/ per active client1 / month
Everything in Small Business plan +
Unlimited Practice Users
Client Dashboard
Export to Xero Journal
Statement Balance & Download

Prices exclude GST.
+ New Prosaic customers are offered a one-time sync of historical bank transactions, up to one full previous financial year. To capture and store bank transactions from that point forward, active bank feeds need to remain connected
1 only pay for clients who have actively connected bank feeds  
* based on average $425 total value of claimable deductions, GST credits on ellgible expenses at 15% and income tax credits at 33% marginal tax rate.

Are you a practice with more than 50 clients?

Talk to our team about discounts for volume, fixed or annual pricing.
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How do I get started with Prosaic?

Sign up here to start your free 7 day trial. It only takes a few minutes to connect secure, automatic bank feeds, and start finding and claiming tax deductions.

Once you set up bank feeds, Prosaic will continue to monitor for expensible transactions in real time.

How secure is my banking data?

Bank feeds are provided by Akahu, an NZ founded company, part owned by Westpac, and used by tens of thousands of kiwis and companies including MBIE and Simplicity Kiwisaver. You have full control over data you share and can disconnect and delete accounts and bank transactions at any time.

Prosaic has been externally audited and accredited to connect to open banking providers, and adheres to the Digital Service Providers Australia & New Zealand (DSPANZ) security standards for add-on marketplaces.

How does the 7-day Free Trial work?

You will have full access to use Prosaic during your trial. We do not require a credit card up front, however when you connect automatic bank feeds, you'll be asked to nominate an account for subscription payments. You won't be charged anything unless you continue using Prosaic beyond your 14 day trial.

What happens after the trial?

If you choose to continue using Prosaic, you'll be debited a monthly fee, and continue to enjoy full access to the product and your data.

If you do not wish to continue, then simply cancel your account anytime before the end of the 7 day trial, and you will not be charged.

How much bank transaction history can I sync?

New Prosaic customers are offered a one-time sync of transaction history from every account as your bank supports.

This varies by bank, but as a rule we can sync at least a full 12 months of data from the most recent financial year (ending 31 March), allowing you to complete a full year end claim.

To store bank transactions from that point forward, active bank feeds must remain connected.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time, and we will deactivate your subscription, disconnect any bank feeds and (if you choose) delete your data. Note that if you later reactivate your subscription, you will not be able to sync historical transactions, and may be missing data to complete your returns.

What happens if I reactivate my account later?

If you cancel your Prosaic subscription, it is possible to reactivate your account anytime in the future, however:

You will not be able to sync historical bank transactions, which means you will be missing data from the date when you cancelled your account. If you reconnect bank feeds, you can continue to capture transactions from that point forward.

When you cancelled, if you chose to disconnect bank connections, but not delete data, then you will have access to any previous financial history. However if you chose to also delete data, then this will no longer be available.

Which modes of payment do you accept?

At this time, we accept payment by automated bank transfer via a nominated bank account. You can choose your nominated account during set up, or change it any time.

Do you offer fixed, volume or annual pricing?

Yes, for accounting or bookkeeping practices with more than 100 clients, we offer custom pricing to meet your needs, including fixed fees, volume or annual discounts. Get in touch for a demo and discussion with our team.

How do I get help?

We provide guidelines and articles, and you can submit feedback and help requests anytime through our app.

If you have been invited to use Prosaic by your accountant, then they can support you with any tax and accounting questions you might have.

Do I need an accountant to use Prosaic?

No, you can use Prosaic by yourself to easily identify tax deductions to include in your GST or year end tax return.

However, if you do have an accountant, there are benefits. You can share them directly into your report, so they can provide advice and ensure you achieve the best return, while staying compliant with tax laws.

Also, they may be able to include a Prosaic subscription as part of fees you already pay. Get in touch with us to find out how.

Have a different question?

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How to get started


Sign up and connect your personal bank and card accounts. Prosaic will go to work looking for eligible tax deductions.


Review and adjust the results, setting default ratios like home office or motor vehicle. Prosaic learns and remembers next time.


Instantly export a summary for IRD, Xero, or invite in your accountant. The next time you're ready to claim, your data is all ready go.