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GST Calculator NZ | Inclusive or Exclusive

Prosaic Team
October 31, 2023
3 minutes

Understanding how GST (Goods and Services Tax) affects the final price of a product can sometimes be a confusing task. Whether you're a business owner setting prices for your products, a freelancer invoicing clients, or a consumer wanting to know how much you'll actually end up paying, calculating GST is an everyday necessity in New Zealand. That's why we've created a user-friendly GST Calculator designed to make your life easier.

GST Calculator


Final Price ($NZD):

Original Price ($NZD):



  1. Calculate GST Easily: Just enter the original price of your product or service, and our calculator will immediately show you the GST amount and the final price you should be charging or paying.
  2. Reverse Calculation: Not sure what the original price was before GST was added? No worries! Our calculator also allows you to enter the GST-inclusive price to find out the GST-exclusive price and the GST amount.
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How It Works:

Our GST Calculator is straightforward to use. Built with responsive design, it fits well on both mobile and desktop platforms. All you need to do is:

  1. Input the Original Price: Enter the GST-exclusive price into the calculator.
  2. Hit 'Calculate': The calculator will display the GST amount and the final GST-inclusive price.
  3. Reverse Calculation: If you have the GST-inclusive price and want to find out the original price and GST amount, simply enter it in the designated field and hit 'Reverse Calculate'.

Why Use Our Calculator:

  • Accurate: The calculator uses the current New Zealand GST rate of 15% for precise calculations.
  • Fast: Get immediate results. No more pulling out your calculator or doing mental math.
  • Convenient: The calculator is available 24/7 on our website, so you can use it anytime you need.

We hope our GST Calculator will serve as a helpful tool for all your pricing needs. Feel free to share your feedback or any features you'd like us to add in the future!

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